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Buying, selling or exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies are possible through a Cryptocurrency exchange. OpenXcell specializes in the development services of cryptocurrency. 100% Confidential and Secure
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OpenXcell is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. With a leadership in customer value, OpenXcell is climbing high as a top cryptocurrency exchange developer.

Cryptocurrency is a major financial trend today. This digital currency represents a paradigm shift away from the bank controlled centralized currencies such as dollars, Euros, rupees etc towards a decentralized peer-to-peer arrangement. Anyone who wishes to buy, sell / trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, Dash etc., go through a Cryptocurrency exchange.

Why Choose OpenXcell for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services?

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange development services company, OpenXcell specializes in the development of custom cryptocurrency exchange service solutions that are trustworthy.
Cryptocurrency exchange solutions are developed with high-security standards and multiple payment methods.
OpenXcell has a team of experts who can develop safe, convenient and user-friendly exchange solutions for effective trading.
OpenXcell till date has initiated Blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange development projects that work with advanced order-matching algorithms and high liquidity to ensure the execution of high-volume orders for all currency pairs.
Once you get in touch with Openxcell you can be rest assured to get rid of the entire technical requirement and all the rush pertaining to the implementation and maintenance of the exchange. Our experts have a high level of accuracy in creating and checking all the components.

How established is OpenXcell as a Cryptocurrency exchange developer in India?

With an unparalleled vision and strong market performance, OpenXcell has been facilitating a whole new way of cryptocurrency trading solutions through its dedicated team. As a pioneering Cryptocurrency exchange developer in India, the company looks into the future to foster the development of this technological innovation. With this commitment, OpenXcell is climbing high as a top cryptocurrency developer with a dedication to developing each of its projects that are easy to operate.

Through its commitment to this advancement, OpenXcell sticks to its vision to develop more resilient, trustworthy and truly global Cryptocurrency exchange platform services to its clients across the World.

What can a Cryptocurrency exchange solution developed by OpenXcell provide?

All Cryptocurrency exchange development solutions offered by OpenXcell are scalable, secure, flawless, functional and easily configurable. Key features include;

  • Access to advanced trading functionalities
  • De-centralized trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Two-way authentication
  • Bug-fix
  • Reports and charts showing analytical changes
  • 24/7 customer support

As a company specializing in all the Blockchain development services, Openxcell can be your right partner to assist you with all your smart contract needs and to enter the ICO market. Right from ideation to pre-ICO marketing and support, OpenXcell team will work with you diligently.

Here are Few Facts about Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  • Unlike traditional exchanges, Cryptocurrency exchanges do not have any industrial infrastructure.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges can convert digital currency to any other currency. It can even convert one form of digital currency to another form.
  • Very similar to the centrally controlled currencies, Cryptocurrencies are traded against another crypto- and fiat-currencies on exchanges.
  • These exchanges are convenient to use, secure and conduct a two-way authentication – typically matches the records of both the buyer, and seller and only under the circumstances where the pre-specified conditions match, the transactions are initiated.
  • The market and the user-community are the greatest driving force for a high level of competition between the cryptocurrency exchanges.



OpenXcell is a great team to work with, highly recommended.

Jose A Castilo, CEO, BPM Supreme

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