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At OpenXcell, we have a proven track record of helping clients transform their businesses using innovative technologies and decades of experience as a custom software development company. Having a skillful team of Custom software developers, designers, consultants, project managers, analysts, QA engineers, testers, and data scientists, we assure you the long-term growth of your businesses using user-centric designs, optimized productivity, increased productivity, and increased ROI. Our highly experienced and dedicated offshore custom software development team has helped numerous enterprises worldwide establish a digital-driven path to unlock their true business potential. OpenXcell focuses on serving a wide range of industry segments like retail & FMCG, healthcare, education, logistic, travel, manufacturing, etc.

Our offshore custom software developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used for custom software development projects and services. With an offshore team of over 100 dedicated professionals, we are equipped to meet your project requirements on creative benchmarks and human capital.

We have a strong custom software development outsourcing firm that has experience in front-end, back-end, cloud, and testing technology. It has extensive infrastructural facilities to keep up with the technical advances. Hiring, training, preparing personnel and providing the necessary customize software solutions, services, expertise, and materials for product creation are costly and time-consuming. Such expenses are covered by us when you hire us for your next custom software solution. We prepare an action plan that aligns the organization with the software or project’s short and long-term goals and how to accomplish them is vital for the software. It is often the most challenging facet of custom software development. Our custom application development team will help you develop a plan that focuses on the consumer concept, epics, high-level skills, and matches your vision to technology. By adopting the Agile approach, accelerated application development systems, and CICD, our offshore software development team will further accelerate time to market.



Our result-driven custom software development services

Software conceptualization & design

Software conceptualization & design

We develop customized, and domain-specific web applications to meet your demands cost-effectively.

Product development

Product development

Our product development services cover the entire spectrum from design to development

Software testing

Software testing

We develop enterprise mobile apps with customized strategy, consultation, and development.

Software maintenance & support

Software maintenance & support

Get end-to-end support and maintenance services after the deployment of the product

Our Software Development Process

The stages and process for custom software development

Kick-off research

Kick-off research

Idea, Consultation, Research, Goal Definition, & Requirements Gathering

Stage 1


System Architecture Design, Wireframing, UI/UX Designing, & Prototyping

Stage 2


Functional Implementation, Software Coding & Optimization

Stage 3


Quality Assurance, Troubleshooting, & Testing

Stage 4


Launch, Beta Live, & Live

Stage 5


Performance Evaluation, & Analytics Implementation

Stage 6


Monitoring, Feedback, Analysis, & Complete Support

Stage 7


Make the most of a world-class team and infrastructure


development facilities


sQ. MTR of
office space


software engineers &
technical staff


software designed,
developed & deployed


IT support staff


years of development




own Successful


Business hiring models


Build - Operate - Transfer

  • Long term collaboration
  • Highly scalable team
  • Team ownership
  • Dedicated working centre

Time & material

  • Short-medium term collaboration
  • Low scalable team
  • Detailed specifications
  • Clean deadlines

Fixed cost

  • Short-long term collaboration
  • Flexible budget and timeframe
  • Complete control over the process
  • Highly scalable team


OpenXcell offered me one of their lowest estimates and really delivered.

Yuriy Oliynyk, Big and Strong, Founder

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Frequently asked questions on custom software development services

A custom software development company is a type of software development company that specially customizes software to meet the needs of its customers. A custom software development company aims to tailor customized solutions according to clients’ requirements, save cost and enhance business in every possible way.

Custom software development is a process of developing bespoke software in-house that is in fine tune with the business or client’s requirements and meets all the specifications regardless of its complexity. Customized software development allows businesses to improve their overall efficiency cost-effectively and accommodates all the requirements lucidly in the software.

Depending on the client and business requirements, there are different types of custom software. To name a few,

•   Web application development

•   Mobile application development

•   Desktop application development

•   Big Data application development

•   Real-time application development

With a custom software application for your business that is tailored to your requirements, your business can profit manifold. This software is built to ensure that all the crucial and cumbersome processes are automated to relieve your resources. In turn, these resources can be used for other important tasks. Apart from the benefits of automation, a business can also save on extra integration and licensing costs. Custom software solutions replace your existing solutions to boost productivity and thereby provides you an edge over your competitors.

There are numerous considerations that contribute to deciding the cost of custom software development. In developing custom software, there is no uniformity, or, no two applications will be identical. This results in cost differences for all the custom software’s development costs. The costs mostly depend on the size of the application, the number of integrations, usage patterns, design, and other specifications.

A business longs for custom software if a business relies more on manual work that takes away from the efficiency of the employees, a business is facing recurring issues, that are to be solved every time, data collection and analysis requires most of the time, it’s a tough task to manage and communicate with the clients, a business is expanding and scaling up, there’s a need to automate various processes.

There are numerous reasons that account to decide the right technology stack, such as, existing platforms, scalability, use of data types, etc. But the decision can be made only by considering the primary business needs and the features that are needed to be incorporated into the software. The right technology stack needs to be finalized based on the features.

Based on the customer’s requirements OpenXcell offers three engagement models for custom software development. They are,

•  Dedicated Team Model

•  Fixed Cost Model

•  Time & Material Model

OpenXcell uses various Software development methodologies depending upon the nature of the requirements and the user’s needs. The major ones that we use are,

•  Agile methodology

•  Scrum methodology

•  Waterfall methodology